Apr 16 • Helping Health Workers

Letters for Bend

Share your (or your child's) chalk art, drawing, letter, work of art, photo or any other expression of gratitude and we'll do the rest!

Critical • Mar 20 • Helping Health Workers

Portland Garment Factory

PGF has set up safety procedures in our shop and we are ready and able to produce up to 1000 medical masks and gowns per week using biodegradable material for medical professionals. Samples are already made! Are you, or do you know anyone in local government or local medical field that we can connect with? We need help barking up the right tree! Please connect us!

Mar 20 • Helping Health Workers

Crafters Against Covid-19 ***PDX***

This group was created to coordinate efforts to make face masks to meet the demand when conventional supplies run out. Personally I am coordinating and collecting masks for Providence Portland, but feel free to invite others who may appreciate this info. My husband is an infectious disease physician and he is worried about dwindling supply. Time to mobilize on plan B."

Mar 20 • Helping Health Workers

Klum House

Healthcare professionals across the country are facing a severe shortage of protective masks. we've been keeping a close eye on initiatives to step up and help fill this need in as efficient and medically-informed a way as possible. Help Make masks now. Resources in link.

National resources you may be interested in.

Critical • Mar 22 • Helping Health Workers


Connecting people with personal protective equipment with hospitals and medical centers that need them.

Mar 23 • Helping Health Workers

Frontline Guide for Local Decision-Makers

Guide to provide a decision framework for local leaders to think through what will need to be done to help reduce the impact of the outbreak, both by reducing spread and decreasing the number of cases, but also in responding and supporting communities effectively. Includes recommended actions, requirements, and progress indicators.

Mar 25 • Helping Health Workers


Starbucks giving free coffee to first responders, healthcare workers nationwide. From now until May 3, any customer who identifies themselves as a first responder or worker supporting the healthcare system will receive a free tall brewed coffee. Those who are eligible include police officers, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, hospital and medical staff & medical researchers.

Critical • Mar 31 • Helping Health Workers


Healthcare workers are front line fighters against COVID-19, but they face critical shortages of Personal Protective Equipment nationwide. PPE enhances their safety so they can keep caring for our loved ones.