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Mar 23 • Helping Others

Shine Distillery free hand sanitizer

"We are working hard to keep filling bottles of hand cleaner for our community. Every gift card you buy helps us keep the doors open and purchase more bottles and product. If you'd like to contribute, but don't plan to visit, buy a gift card and address it TO: SHINESPIRIT and please send it with a note- we appreciate every encouraging message."

Mar 27 • Getting Help

The Caregiver Database

*Due to the complexities, COVID-19 has brought, (i.e. adult day closures, hospital, and skilled nursing facility discharges) just to name a few, there’s a need for a direct approach in finding compatible services for individuals of all ages in their homes. Please go to TheCaregiverDatabase.com to list or find available Aides, DSPs, and Clinicians to serve during this pandemic.