Dec 04 • SUD Recovery

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Oct 21 • SUD Recovery

Alcohol Rehab Guide

My name is Caitlin Tribit and I wanted to commend your website for providing vital community resources to help people in need. is an organization that focuses on producing high quality substance abuse and recovery content, and that hasn’t changed during the spread of COVID-19.

Sep 01 • SUD Recovery

Quit Alcohol

Recently, alcohol sales have risen 55% across the U.S. as a result of COVID-19. Many of us know of a friend, family member or colleague that's coping with depression, grief or life in general with alcohol. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that people have the available resources in time of need, and know that they are not alone.

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Aug 31 • SUD Recovery

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms To Watch During Covid-19

The Periodic Table of Drug Withdrawal offers withdrawal timelines, in-depth information on the 38 most addictive drugs, and the dangers people face if they attempt to self-detox during Covid-19.

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Aug 27 • SUD Recovery

100+ Addiction and Mental Health Resources

These 100+ Helpful Addiction and Mental Health Resources have been compiled by the team at Detox Local to support people who suffer from substance use disorder and/or mental illness. These resources are national in nature but may offer local info. We also have the Period Table of Drugs. Covering the dangers of drug withdrawal.

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Aug 26 • SUD Recovery

The Summit Wellness Group

Addiction and mental health services via telehealth and in person care.

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Mar 31 • SUD Recovery

Talbert House

Talbert House offers adult and youth outpatient substance use disorder counseling and treatment across Hamilton, Brown, Clinton, and Warren counties through telehealth as well as case management services . Case management services include symptom monitoring and assistance with benefit applications, housing, medication, and other services. To find services near you, call 513-221-HELP(4357)

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Mar 24 • SUD Recovery

The Oregon Recovery Network

The Oregon Recovery Network is partnering with Recover Together With Google to provide Oregonians one centralized location with the latest state and local recovery resources and COVID-19 information so that our community can come out of this crisis stronger than ever.

Mar 19 • SUD Recovery

2-1-1 Connecticut Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Resources

Resources and links to various substance use disorder programs and services in Connecticut and other important resources to assist with addiction and recovery or text CTRecovery to 898211

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Mar 18 • SUD Recovery

Mind Solutions

Mind Solutions is offering telehealth, or virtual therapy sessions. The team of therapists and counselors will walk you through the process and help you schedule as many appointments as you need.

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Mar 17 • SUD Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous

During this unprecedented time, many of you have made the difficult choice to practice social distancing! We appreciate your sacrifices and with your help would like to provide a list of online meetings as well as speaker tape archives to help during this time! Remember, this too shall pass!